Experience all the added advantages you’ll have from hiring a professional writer and copy editor. Hire me to ghostwrite your press releases, speeches, travel guides, blogs, landing pages or e-books. You get the credit and save time. I’ll do the hard work for you – with a personal touch.

I’ve written, edited and rewritten work for more than 500 clients every day for the past five years, and I still love mastering the art of writing. Don’t settle for mediocre, watered-down words when I could help you create something to feel proud about publishing.

 Lately I’ve written about:

  • Mother-of-the-bride’s guide to tea-length dresses for weddings
  • The future of performance management: a comparison of new continuous feedback systems in 9 major tech, financial and retail companies
  • Starting an online coaching business in the health and wellness industry
  • Solid tips for acing the new SAT test in 2016
  • Bootstrapping your business vs. self-financing


Some kind words from my customers


I am incredibly happy with this work. Excellent writer. Great addition to my team. Good job! Writer followed instructions precisely. Well-written article.


Great work from the start, I love it when writers research the topic before they write, thank you.

-Art Y.

Bloody brilliant. My favorite writer.

-Endre E.

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