“KPI” is an acronym for “key performance indicators;” in other words, these are the statistics that help to clearly define and measure the success of your company in numbers. The specific goals of your agency will determine which type of KPI metric system you should use. Since businesses requirements can vary greatly between each field, each firm develops its own reports of business intelligence, or “BI reports” using the most relevant KPI metric applications to best help their particular business succeed.

Why do you need this refined metric system to track performance?

Discovering your company’s KPI requirements gives you a crystal-clear picture of how well projects are really going while also showing where to improve. To get instant updates on these numbers in real-time, use cutting-edge software. You can also get important tips for creating more business intelligence tools like the BI scorecard, the BI dashboard and advanced analytics models from these top five websites:

1. Do an advanced search for your industry’s performance ratios at KPI Library.

Go to KPI Library and sign up with your email address for free access to search for the most important KPIs in your industry. A wealth of advice is here to kickstart your performance and see how well your company is doing compared to the competition. This library runs from ServiceNow, a company selling some performance-analytics applications in its own app store for free; others have varying prices.

2. Get a free beginner’s guide to KPIs at Klipfolio.

One of the best websites to learn almost every aspect of business metrics, Klipfolio breaks down its resource center into KPI-based categories for 13 different industries. Plus, they host live webinars to actively demonstrate how to integrate your KPI requirements effectively. You can start with a free trial of their program to create your own performance-metrics dashboard. Package subscriptions begin at $20 monthly per user, and they offer discounts by volume.

3. Ask experts your questions about business-metric scorecards for free at WinningKPI.

While you can read lots of tips, applying these techniques to suit your business requirements is often difficult. Luckily, joining the specialized forum at Winning KPI allows you to freely post specific questions to real specialists, people who can offer you additional support and suggest shortcuts to help reach your business goals. Forum access is free with an email signup, and they sell a special online crash course in KPI-strategy techniques for $99.

4. Find tons of free tips and BI dashboard designs at Gecko Board.

Gecko Board is one of the hottest websites to connect with a great KPI-focused developer community and find the latest trends in dashboard layouts and new marketing strategies. They release custom widgets to satisfy new KPI requirements regularly. Browse through inspiring dashboard examples to get your creative juices flowing about how to make big-data visualization more doable in your office. Geckoboard offers a free live demo personally for anyone, and subscription fees begin at $49 a month for one user with two dashboards; group packages are also available.

5. Learn about effectively managing business requirements faster at Scoro.

When you need highly customized analytics, Scoro can help consolidate all the key data metrics onto one easy-to-read page for faster updates; plus, they also have advanced calendar features to help integrate with other important aspects of business management at the same time. You can also view all of your most-critical data about each project on one screen that tracks time spent, all scheduled meetings, invoices, added expenses, new comments and shared files. Read their blog posts for great ideas about what your business needs to track most. Scoro offers a free 14-day trial of their app; after that, express subscriptions are just 9 euro monthly.