Do you know how to tell if your injuries make you eligible to win a personal injury lawsuit or settlement? The main causes that often qualify you to receive financial compensation for your losses are:

  • car crashes
  • mishaps due to negligence of property owners to maintain a safe space
  • faulty products that endangered their users
  • assaults

Many victims make the most frequent mistakes, which prevent them from getting the full amount of money they would have qualified for, immediately after they become injured. For example, the trauma you experience when a bone breaks is often so intense that it’s hard to think clearly. That’s exactly why you need to speak to a personal-injury attorney as soon as possible to understand your rights and get as much help as possible.

Here’s what you need to do when you get in a car collision or become the victim of any other accident that may have broken bones:

1. Call the police first.

You need to file an accident report with the authorities immediately while all the events are still fresh in your memory and the perpetrators are still present. Focus on gathering information like exchanging license and insurance details. However, don’t move much if you suspect you have a broken bone. Legally, you could wait until a maximum of 30 days to file a personal injury report with the police in a public-transportation accident, but it’s better to do it as soon as possible.

Often, you could be traveling out of town and don’t have the phone number of the local police station. That’s where the app named Police Anywhere comes in handy; it automatically finds the nearest department and lets you call them in one quick tap on your touch screen.

Of course, it should go without saying that you should call 911 for emergency medical assistance on the scene as well.

2. See a doctor.

The adrenaline rush you experience after an accident can minimize the pain you feel so that you may not realize you have a broken bone, not just some heavy bruising. If an ambulance takes you to the emergency room, they’ll normally do X-rays to check for fractures while treating you.

You can video chat with a doctor using the free app Doctor on Demand, and sessions where you can also receive prescriptions are only around $40 and available in 30 states! Available for free download for iPhone and Android.

You can also find a doctor faster with the ZocDoc app. Available for free download for iPhone and Android.

Narrow down your choices faster according to who’s available within your insurance network. Read reviews of each doctor from other patients and reserve an appointment quickly within the app.

3. Call a personal injury attorney.

Especially if your injury is very severe, then getting medical attention should always take first priority. However, do remember that you can call your attorney at any time during the process, even immediately after the accident, to get advice about where to get medical treatment.

The Free Personal Injury App made by the Siegfried & Jensen law firm provides an in-depth checklist right on your phone of what to do after the accident. It has links to quickly find the closest hospital, record valuable information at the scene and call their experts for a free accident case review.

4. Call your insurance company.

You need to simply ask how to file your claim and where to send the medical files you’ve received from your doctor. Don’t tell them too much information about the accident itself until you’ve spoken to an attorney first because the insurance company could misinterpret your words and use them against you later to avoid paying out as much as you need.

Don’t make any of these common mistakes:

  • Avoid telling insurance companies too much. An attorney can answer their questions for you, and you can direct them to speak with your attorney directly. For example, if you even suggest you might have been driving over the speed limit, the insurance company may deny your claim.
  • Don’t sign anything to or from an insurance company without showing it to your lawyer first.
  • Don’t dismiss the doctor’s advice after the accident; you must follow all their treatment recommendations.
  • Do not settle your claim too fast. Insurance companies may try to rush the process to take advantage of you and minimize their payment to you.