Terms and Conditions

By submitting your initial payment for me to begin your project, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

I agree to only show a copy of your project to prospective clients — all public publishing rights in any format remain solely with you. This means I won’t post copies of your work on any website anywhere. I only keep authorship rights in order to add your work to my portfolio, which I only show at my discretion to prospective clients on an individual basis. In some cases, I may post only a link to the project I create for you on my website as an example of my work. To keep your project out of my portfolio, I can grant you complete authorship rights of my work for an additional charge. In this case, I would also agree not to post any links anywhere to your project.

I reserve the right to post feedback that I receive from you as a review on my website, but I never disclose the full names of my clients and prefer to use a client’s company name rather than an individual name wherever possible.

I understand that in some cases you may need me to keep your identity and the details of your project completely confidential. Upon your request, I can sign an official non-disclosure agreement for you for a small, additional fee.