My WIP “To Steal Her Hand”:

I’m seeking representation for my work in progress “To Steal Her Hand.”

I began writing this historical fantasy romance in 2012 with the inspiration from a series of dreams. After much work with critique partners on plot-development revisions and historical-research edits, I discovered connections between the ancient cultures I’ve studied of Norse mythology, Pict heritage and the Hindu pantheon that have culminated into this vibrant tale of pre-Christian England.

This book explores the question: “What if Lady Guinevere was the real hero of King Arthur’s legends, with her lost story deliberately mis-told over the ages?”

Book Synopsis:

“You’re his most-prized possession. That’s why I must take you.”

“I’d rather die than live to see another man marry you.”

“She knows not what she is. And she’s not ready to know!”

“Your family is not your own.”

“She’s another witch you should burn!”

“But you’ve seen the Goddess of Magic!”

“He warned me, ‘Don’t be too forceful. You need her, and so does your kingdom.’”

She is Lady Guinevere, the key to exposing the secrets behind the throne.

Everyone told little Gwen-Aylyn how the Romans abandoned their colony of Brittania between 450 to 500 A.D. because they had “other prospects,” but her people knew that the Romans left out of fear.

When the island continent became divided into 7 great kingdoms, her family had fled from the barbaric tribes known as the Angles and Saxons that fought for domination of these territories. Finally, King Arthur of the Saxons was succeeding in his wars to forge an alliance with all the kingdoms.

Despite everything, neither the Romans, Angles or Saxons could conquer the island of the Gaels or her land: the Wild Northern Territories of Caledonia.

Rumors spread that a secret magic protected them, but whoever remembered the old ways had gone long ago.

Until one day, a magical woman more powerful than the wandering Seidrs found her. But before she could understand this magic, her teacher left.

When one clumsy mistake traps her in the crossroads between political and magical warfare, the power she didn’t knew she had inside her starts awakening.

“To Steal Her Hand: Gwen’s Tale.”

My research for this WIP has included works like these:

-”Arthur” from the “History of the Kings of Britain” by Geoffrey of Monmouth
-“Picts, Gaels and Scots: Early Historic Scotland” by Sally M. Foster
“Exploring the Northern Tradition” on Nordic Mythology by Galina Krasskova
“Skaldskaparmal” Ancient Epic Norse Poem